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Founded: 2015

Type: Equity-based crowdfunding (Property)

Equity-based crowdfunding (Property) - geography: Austria

CO. no.: Na.


We enable real estate investments for everyone.

Rendity is a real estate investing platform where single investors can invest in properties with little capital and thereby participating in the real estate market which is otherwise difficult to access.

We also give real estate developers or even borrowers who want to finance their property the opportunity to raise funds with a public impact, which facilitates to achieve creditworthiness and higher turnovers.


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Founders Rendity

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Co-Founder & CEO, Lukas Mller

LinkedIn | Twitter (@lukas_mueller)

Type: Entrepreneur

Co-Founder & CFO, Paul Brezina


Type: Entrepreneur

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Co-Founder & CMO, Tobias Leodolter

LinkedIn | Twitter (@TobiasLeodolter)

Type: Entrepreneur

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Address Rendity

Tegetthoffstrae 7
1010 Vienna

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