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Founded: 2005

Type: Equity Investor

Equity Investor - geography: Denmark, European Union, France, Great Britain (united Kingdom), Guernsey, Spain (españa), United Kingdom, United States

CO. no.: Na.


GLI Finance Limited ("Company" or "GLIF") is a Guernsey-domiciled loan company listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (ticker GLIF). The Company's objective is to produce a stable and predictable dividend yield, with long term preservation of net asset value. This the Company aims to achieve through the provision of secured lending to small and medium sized companies with the view to exit the CLO business over time and focus on the provision of alternative finance to SME?s.

The Company Strategy is to become a leading alternative provider of SME finance and in the last year the Company has made significant strides to achieve this by completing a number of partnership transactions with lending platforms. The platforms which have been invested in vary by geography, industry, size of lending and by type of lending. These include Global trade Finance, UK SME Lending, Offshore Lending, UK invoice discounting, European invoice discounting, Global multi-asset crown funding and UK property-backed lending.

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The committee said in a resolution this week that they want CMU building blocks, such as diverse investment choices, risk mitigation and clear investment information across the EU, to be in place by 2018 to complement bank financing.

Non-bank sources of finance should be developed alongside well-established bank financing. EU businesses will be less vulnerable in the event of tighter bank lending if market participants are able to raise debt, equity and venture capital directly from the market, it said.

Effective cross-border insolvency rules will be needed along with a recovery and resolution framework for non-banks, especially 'central counterparties' who work as intermediaries between sellers and buyers and manage the risk in case one party defaults, the committee said.

The prominent institutional investor announced in June that it would soon launch a Closed End Fund (CEF) by the name of ?GLI Alternative Finance PLC?. The purpose of the fund is to invest across a range of SME loan assets, and we presumed at the time that those loans would be originated by the GLI?s portfolio platforms. The fund will launch via an IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

GLI Finance Ltd has now confirmed plans to launch a closed end fund (CEF), listed on the LSE, to invest in SME loan assets.

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