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Founded: 2013

Type: Invoice Trading

Invoice Trading - geography: Ireland

CO. no.: Na.


AREX is a highly ambitious financial technology start-up in the alternative financial services space that aims to change the way small and mid-sized companies access short-term financing.


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Founders AREX European Market Ltd

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CEO, Kim Forsman

LinkedIn | Twitter (@kimforsman)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: I'm a driven technology entrepreneur with a knack for financial technologies. Having started my career as a professional entrepreneur during my adolescence in online consumer sales and transforming over the following one and half decades into a fast-paced, passionate and assertive business developer with a natural commercial acumen and strong capabilities for identifying & seizing opportunities and developing them to successes, has been an absolute thriller.

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Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Perttu Jalkanen

LinkedIn | Twitter (@perttujalkanen)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: +15 years of successful track record on international Business Development, Go-to-Market and Sales strategies & scaling online businesses and utilising different direct and in-direct sales and marketing channels to create new sales - while decreasing the cost of customer acquisition.

Extensive global contact network created by doing business locally in tens of different countries and by living in half a dozen of them. Able to conduct business in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish and Finnish

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Co-founder & Technology advisor, Hannu Krosing

LinkedIn | Twitter (@PostSQL)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: PostgreSQL hacker since when it was called Postgres. First DBA and Database Architect at Skype.
Python and Linux user since version <= 1.0.

Database Developer and Administrator, DB and WEB Server Developer, Desktop and Web Application Developer.

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AREX works by using your accounts receivables as an asset to borrow against - so say you hit that big deal that?s going to pay out in 60 days, you can take that invoice to AREX where the credit ratings of the two companies are used to create an AREX contract that can be bid on by investors. If enough investors make the market you can receive the invoiced money immediately, at a discount. The idea was coined by Kim Forsman, founder of Maventa, the invoicing platform, which means that the team behind AREX isn?t exactly first-timers when it comes to invoice processing. Maventa was acquired early 2013 by Visma and was processing approximately 2 billion euros per month in receivables, a tenth of the Finnish GDP.


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