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Founded: 2015

Type: Invoice Trading

Invoice Trading - geography: Switzerland (confederation Of Helvetia)

CO. no.: Na.


Advanon is providing an online platform where SMBs looking for short-term financing can pre-finance their open invoices through financial Investors. Through the easy-to-use platform, SMBs can improve their cash balance instantly, use the services when and as they need it, and perform all the activities directly online.


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Founders Advanon

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Founder and CFO, Philip Kornmann

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Type: Entrepreneur

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Founder and CEO, Phil Lojacono

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Type: Entrepreneur

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Founder and CTO, Stijn Pieper

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Advanon, Knip, Qumram oder Sentifi ? eines dieser Start-ups wird Ende Mrz als berzeugendste Schweizer Fintech-Lsung ausgezeichnet.

Finanz und Wirtschaft AG

Address Advanon

Pfingstweidstrasse 51
8005 Zrich
Switzerland (confederation Of Helvetia)

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