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Founded: 2012

Type: Equity-based crowdfunding

Equity-based crowdfunding - geography: France

CO. no.: Na.


Anaxago is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to innovation. Anaxago brings together investors looking for new ways to invest and innovative young companies seeking capital.
* Giving finance a new look
Anaxago contributes to the development of a financial model that helps the economy give individuals direct access to tomorrow's businesses. By allocating a portion of their savings to financing start-ups, the community participates in the development of the economy, of innovation and of employment.
* A new type of investor - company relations
A new model of investment in which the investor doesn't solely provides funding, but also shares his experience, expertise and network.
Crowdfunding enables entrepreneurs to benefit from the expertise, competences and resources of a network of investors who can thus contribute fully and effectively to the growth of a company.


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Founders Anaxago

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CEO and Co-Founder, Joachim Dupont

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Type: Entrepreneur

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Co-founder - Head of Communications , Caroline Lamaud

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Type: Entrepreneur

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COO & Co-Founder , Francois Carbone

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Type: Entrepreneur

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Projets entrepreneuriaux, associations... La finance participative sduit chaque jour, en France, de nouveau secteurs de l'conomie... Parmi eux, l'immobilier connat actuellement une croissance exponentielle. Anaxago, plateforme de crowdfunding leader dans le financement des start-ups et PME innovantes a ainsi fait le choix, en octobre 2014, de proposer ses investisseurs de contribuer la naissance de projets immobiliers partout en France.

Depuis le lancement de sa branche Anaxago Real Estate, la start-up reoit chaque mois en moyenne 20 projets. Pour autant, dsireux de rester fidle ses valeurs de srieux et d'accompagnement, et dans le souci de garantir la russite de la collecte ct promoteur, tout comme un rendement optimal ct investisseur, l'quipe ralise un tri pouss des projets.

Address Anaxago

34 Rue des Bourdonnais
75001 PARIS

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