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Founded: 2013

Type: Equity-based crowdfunding

Equity-based crowdfunding - geography: Italy

CO. no.: Na.


Assiteca Crowd svolge attivitŕ di equity crowdfunding. Si propone come una piattaforma innovativa rivolta ad investitori attenti alle nuove modalitŕ di investimento proposte dai mercati. L?equity crowdfunding rappresenta un metodo di raccolta di capitali, effettuato tramite portali internet autorizzati da Consob, finalizzati a sostenere i progetti imprenditoriali delle start up innovative (introdotte in Italia dal decreto Crescita 2.0).

Assiteca Crowd is an Italian investment crowdfunding website, enabling investors to help Italian innovative start up raise the finance to help their growth.


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Founders Assiteca Crowd

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CEO and Founder, Tommaso D 'Onofrio

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Type: Entrepreneur

Description: A graduate in Business and Economics. President of the European Equity Crowdfunding Association (EECA) representing platforms of 16 countries. Italian Member of the European Crowdfunding Stakeholder Forum (panel of experts appointed by European Commission). Past President of AISCRIS (Association of Italian consulting firms for Research, Innovation and Development), for four years he was Member of board (in charge of training and intellectual property) at Confindustria Innovation and Technology Services. Member of the Legal and 231 committee of Confindustria. As a member or invited speaker, he has participated to several technical committees of Confindustria (Education Committee, University Board, Committee for the Protection of Intellectual Property, Credit and Finance Committee). Until 2012 he was a member of Copyrights National Committee at the Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Activities. In 2011 he took part to the jury (made up of 5 members) of the National Innovation Award for the "Innovation and ICMT (Information, Communication, Media, Technology)" section.

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Milan-based Assiteca Crowd, one of the first platforms equity crowdfunding authorized by Consob, launched ?Assiteca Crowd Startup Showcase,? a contest offering startups and innovative SMEs the opportunity to finance itself on the platform also receiving assistance with accompanying free path. The crowd will help determine the winning company.

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Assiteca Crowd
Viale Luigi Majno, 18
20129 Milano

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