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Founded: 2011

Type: Donation-based crowdfunding

Donation-based crowdfunding - geography: France

CO. no.: Na.


Bankeez is a secure site that simplifies all your money collections: common gift, redemption, presales for an event.

The principle is simple:
1- Create a collection Bankeez
2- Invite participants by email or via Facebook
3- Collect the s contributions paid online by credit card
4- Recover the money collected from your bank account by wire transfer.


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Founders Bankeez

tumbnail of Pierre  Lariviere

Co-founder, Pierre Lariviere

LinkedIn | Twitter (@pilarivi)

Type: Entrepreneur

Co-Founder, Raphael Compagnion


Type: Entrepreneur

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Relevant News for Bankeez1

Founded in 2011, the Common Pot, pool service and online ticketing Bankeez just bought another online collection service, to strengthen against his first Leetchi competitor.
Bankeez was on sale for six months, following growth concerns facing the tough competition in the sector. The Common Pot buys this service to resume its 300 000 members, and over a million users.

Address Bankeez

1 rue Bailleul
75001 Paris

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