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Founded: 2012

Type: Equity-based crowdfunding

Equity-based crowdfunding - geography: Poland

CO. no.: Na.

Description is a crowd financing platform which allows project creators to gather capital from the masses. In exhange for capital, users who donate to projects partake, comment and recieve unique gifts and bonuses. We encourage you to make yourself familiar with our fantastic projects and support them!


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Employees Beesfund

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CEO , Arkadiusz Regiec

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Type: Entrepreneur

Description: CEO of Beesfund S.A. who specializes in crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding.

Creator and vicepresident of Polish Crowdfunding Society. Strongly believes in the strength of society, and the change that it can provide.

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Address Beesfund
ul. Rakowiecka 41 lok. 16
02-521 Warsaw

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