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Founded: 2012

Type: Reward-based crowdfunding

Reward-based crowdfunding - geography: France

CO. no.: Na.


Plateforme de financement participatif pour le commerce local et services de proximité / Crowdfunding platform for local businesses. Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur


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Co-founder, Alexandre Laing

LinkedIn | Twitter (@AlexBulbiT)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Alex is very simple, if you meet him you will recognize immediately. Its not fast (very fast), it's always on the phone, screwed headphones in your ears, it sports a big smile but his tone is firm. It has 2000 ideas per minute and likes things to go fast! Proof: steering committees between Stéphane and his place in the gym, between 13h and 14h, on treadmills!

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Co-Founder, Stéphane Vromman

LinkedIn | Twitter (@StphaneVromman)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Stéphane, you rather see him on his bike with his small boy at the front. It is the quiet strength. It tempers and refocuses the debate when sometimes it goes in all directions (which of course never happens!). It also manages the company's finances and oversees all business development. But before all that, he made the field. Much ground. He scoured all SNCF stations in France to meet partners, ask controllers they know it all!

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