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Founded: 2012

Type: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Business Lending

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Business Lending - geography: Austria, Germany (deutschland)

CO. no.: Na.

Description connects investors with entrepreneurs and offers investments in companies from various industries, starting from 100 Euro up to 5.000 Euro.


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Founders CONDA

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Co-Founder and Managing Director Marketing & S, Daniel Horak

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Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Daniel graduated from the technical high school in Vienna with a bachelor?s degree and a master?s degree in business informatics, as well as a master?s degree in corporate management from the Vienna Business School. Even before CONDA he was gaining experience in the area of business start-ups with his own start-up founded in 2007: Spoken Language System. As Co-Founder and Managing Director of CONDA Daniel is the driving force in the area of marketing and sales.

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Co-Founder and Managing Director, Paul Pltner

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Type: Entrepreneur

Description: A typical jack of all trades. Paul studied software engineering and internet computing as well as information management at the technical university in Vienna, in addition to business administration at the Business School of Vienna. In 2001 he set up an IT service provider business, which he managed successfully for several years and sold in 2008. Subsequently Paul began his career at TPA Horwath as a Trainee Tax Adviser. As Co-Founder and Managing Director Paul is ?the brain behind? CONDA.

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