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Founded: 2010

Type: Equity-based crowdfunding (Property)

Equity-based crowdfunding (Property) - geography: United Kingdom

CO. no.: Na.


We connect investors to attractive property fundraising projects across the UK.

Our fundraising projects are grouped by themes to help investors satisfy both their financial goals and their personal values.

We also reward people for introducing opportunities to our marketplace.


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Founders Elevate Invest

CEO and Co-Founder, Paul Toon


Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Paul is responsible for the company's strategy, and oversees its investment, commercial and operational activities.

Co-Founder & Advisory Board Member, Pierre Foucault


Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Pierre advises on underwriting, strategy and commercial initiatives.

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Address Elevate Invest

2 Bath Place
EC2A 3DR London
United Kingdom

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