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Founded: 2013

Type: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Property Lending

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Property Lending - geography: Estonia

CO. no.: Na.


EstateGuru gives you the power to invest directly in local real estate. We believe that if people can build places they care about through public ownership, then together we can enrich neighbourhoods and transform cities. EstateGuru is like the real estate club that brings together property owners and like-minded people who wants to put their money growing. They can be part of the project, which alone would be difficult to carry out. Welcome to bargain in the EstateGuru club, where borrowing is secured by real estate warranty and this makes it easier than ever before.


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Founder and CEO, Marek Pärtel

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Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Marek is a founder and associate of He has graduated as the Bachelor of Business Administration from the Estonian Business School and has also studied in the Master?s programme at the same school. In addition he has continued his education at the School of Business at the Stockholm University. Marek has managed different construction projects in Latvia, Russia and Bulgaria. Starting from 2002, Marek has been working in the field of real estate investment management and real estate development. Marek has also represented the Estonian national team at different squash competitions abroad.

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Ehitusettevõtja Andres Koger kaasab EstateGuru ühisrahastusportaali kaudu arendustegevuseks 535 000 eurot, mille tagatiseks seatakse neljale juba valminud Mardi projekti korterile esimese järgu hüpoteek.


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