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Founded: 2013

Type: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Consumer Lending

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Consumer Lending - geography: Finland

CO. no.: Na.


Fellow Finance offers a marketplace for creditworthy borrowers and investors interested in steady cash flow with better rates of return.

We offer the most advanced platform to manage your investments in consumer loans. We offer you monthly and yearly reports and all the loan contracts are available in the service. The loan contract is legally binding and evidence of the contractual relationship between the borrower and the lender.


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Founders Fellow Finance

tumbnail of Harri  Tilev

CSO and Co-Founder, Harri Tilev

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Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Harri's background is in private equity and property investments in Europe. In addition to being responsible for our investor relationships, he is an active board member in many technological and investing companies.

CFO, Pasi Rantamäki


Type: Entrepreneur

Description: For the previous eight years Pasi has worked e.g. as CFO in multinational financial institution being responsible for finances and credit risk in several geographies. In addition he has a strong experience in both internal and external accounting in IT-companies.

tumbnail of Jouni Hintikka

CEO & Co-Founder , Jouni Hintikka

LinkedIn | Twitter (@jounihintikka)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Jouni is an experienced leader in the field of banking services. He has been in leading positions in several European banks and financial institutions and been creating new banking business models both in Private Banking space as well as in digital environment. He is enthustiastic about business in online space, enterpreneurship, finance and investing.

tumbnail of Teemu  Nyholm

CIO & Co-Founder, Teemu Nyholm

LinkedIn | Twitter (@teemunyholm)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Teemu is a business oriented CIO with a strong background and experience in risk management and digitalising banking services. He is responsible for building the IT-infrastructure of several banks as well as dveloping the operational tools for both internal organizations as well as for the customers.

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Relevant News for Fellow Finance1

Fellow Finance announced this week that it is now open for investors with a bank account within European Union (EU) or Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

Fellow Finance CEO Jouni Hintikka is excited about the rapid development of the platform and opportunity to serve also international investors:

?Our platform has gained thousands of investors in a short period of time in Finland and we are delighted to be able to offer our platform also for European investors. I believe our platform is very competitive in P2P lending space and offers a great opportunity for investors to invest in a high-performing asset class with a steady cash flow and very little volatility. The next step will be to open the cross-border borrower side of the service so that borrowers across Europe can start using our platform.?

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LendIt Conference LLC logo LendIt Europe 2014 17 Nov, 2014 London, United Kingdom

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