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Founded: 2014

Type: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Business Lending

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Business Lending - geography: France

CO. no.: Na.


Finsquare est une plateforme de financement participatif qui permet ŕ des particuliers de pręter ŕ des entreprises locales et de toucher des intéręts.


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Founders Finsquare

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CEO and Co-founder, Polexandre Joly

LinkedIn | Twitter (@PolexandreJOLY)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Graduate of ESC Reims and holds a Master of Economics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Polexandre Joly has created and developed several businesses including in the area of tax resources to local communities. Following discussions held with bank executives, governments and businesses, he decided to create Finsquare to fill the lack of funding for French companies.

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Co-founder & COO, Adrien Wiart

LinkedIn | Twitter (@adrienwiart)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Entrepreneur and graduate of EM Grenoble, Adrien Wiart has directed and developed two companies in the cleantech sector for which he notably led the financial activity and investor relations. Attentive to the growth of lending platforms in the US and Europe, it is the source of Finsquare and directs its operational activity.

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Like most financial and banking institutions, crowdfunding platforms by private companies face the counterparty risk. To guard against this, one of them, Finsquare, chose ANADEFI a solution precisely acclaimed by banks ...

This is called counterparty risk. The term is used in finance to describe the potential failure of a borrower on all or part of a sum lent. And, whether malicious or actual inability to repay. To guard against these risks, the companies that lend or who are the intermediaries between funders and funded subscribe generally to solutions enabling them to assess the best. One of the most reputable solutions called ANADEFI; it is French, the result of the work of Montpellier OR System publisher, and refers in the financial and banking community.


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LendIt Conference LLC logo LendIt Europe 20 Oct, 2015 London, United Kingdom

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75010 Paris

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