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Founded: 2010

Type: Reward-based crowdfunding

Reward-based crowdfunding - geography: France

CO. no.: Na.


European and French crowdfunding leader dedicated to creativity and innovation. You've got a daring, creative or innovative idea...
KissKissBankBank allows you to collect funds in order to carry out your project.


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Founders KissKissBankBank

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Co-Founder & CEO, Vincent Ricordeau

LinkedIn | Twitter (@VinceRicordeau)

Type: Entrepreneur

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Co-founder , Ombline le Lasseur

LinkedIn | Twitter (@omblinekisskiss)

Type: Entrepreneur

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Co-Founder, Adrien Aumont

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Type: Entrepreneur

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ING Belgium has formed a partnership with two leading crowdfunding platforms. Seedrs, based in the UK, and KissKissBankBank, based in France, will power a fast-track process for clients looking to raise capital. In recognition of the fact that bank loans are not optimal for entrepreneurs and early stage companies, ING will now offer equity crowdfunding on Seedrs and rewards based crowdfunding on KissKissBankBank. This will allow SMEs to diversify sources of funding while engaging a much broader audience.

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75010 Paris

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