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Founded: 2011

Type: Equity-based crowdfunding

Equity-based crowdfunding - geography: Belgium

CO. no.: Na.


MyMicroInvest is a ?Venture Capital? investment platform which uses crowdfunding techniques to allow individuals to select and invest alongside professionals in European startups and SME's.

Individuals can invest from ?100 in companies listed on MyMicroInvest in conjunction with investment professionals and under the same financial conditions. Investors can choose to invest in equity or lending campaigns.


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Founders MyMicroInvest

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Founder and Chairman of the Board, Jose Zurstrassen

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter (@jozez)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Passionate about startups and venture capital, José became a very active and famous Business Angel. His expertise and help is sought in order to challenge business models, manage growth challenges, create customised financial structures and solve technological issues.

tumbnail of Olivier  de Duve

Founder and CEO, Olivier de Duve

Twitter (@odeduve)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Olivier is a board member and private investor in various startups and is active in the Steering Committee of the "de Duve Institute", a multidisciplinary biomedical research institute.

tumbnail of Guillaume  Desclée

Founder and CMO, Guillaume Desclée

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter (@GuiDesclee)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Guillaume graduated from ICHEC (2003) and ESCP-EAP, Ecole Supérieur de Commerce de Paris where he followed a three-year programme of Masters in Management at Oxford, Madrid and Paris (2006 graduation year).

Founder and COO, Charles-Albert de Radzitzky


Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Charles-Albert has 10 years of experience in venture capital and corporate finance.

He started his career at Fortis as an international management trainee, with a.o. internships in the credit analysis department, private equity and an integration project in Istanbul, Turkey.

He then worked in the corporate venturing unit of Fortis, launching new innovative initiatives, supporting the long term strategy of the group. He also worked in the corporate finance (M&A and capital markets) department of BNP Paribas Fortis.

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Relevant News for MyMicroInvest1

Internationalisation, multiplication par six des fonds levés auprès des internautes, création de nouveaux fonds d'investissement dédiés aux start-up. Voici de quoi pourrait être faite l'année 2016 de MyMicroInvest.

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Place Sainte-Gudule 5
1000 Brussels

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