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Founded: 2010

Type: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Consumer Lending

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Consumer Lending - geography: United Kingdom

CO. no.: Na.

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Description is a peer-to-peer lending website enabling lenders to get fair returns while cutting the cost of borrowing. Capital is at risk.

Lenders and borrowers have the opportunity to take back control of their finances by setting their own rates.


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Founders RateSetter

Co-Founder and CCO, Peter Behrens


Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Peter trained as a lawyer at Ashurst, before leaving to join RBS as a banker. Disillusioned with banking's failure to serve the British public, Peter jumped at the chance to help Rhydian define the principles of a company intent on disrupting the sector. ?Working in finance, I was all too aware of the inefficiencies of the big institutions and so was compelled to make RateSetter a success and to give people a tool that put them back in control of their own money. The success of peer-to-peer feels inevitable. The internet is breaking down all sorts of barriers and now it's given us an opportunity to change the way people interact with their money. The decision to use peer-to-peer finance has become an easy one to make for those who take the time to consider it."

As CCO, Peter leads the commercial team of RateSetter.

Founder and CEO, Rhydian Lewis


Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Having witnessed the continual failure of financial institutions to deliver in the modern age, P2P pioneer Rhydian Lewis knew there must be a better way. By creating RateSetter, he has now actively developed a credible challenge to the establishment.

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RateSetter operates a provision fund to cushion its lenders (savers). Each person who takes a loan is charged a fee which is paid into the provision fund to cover any late payments or defaults. At present there is more than 16m sitting in the provision fund and RateSetter is rightly proud that of the 26,000 lenders on its platform, nobody has lost a single penny since the day it launched in October 2010.


Events with RateSetter

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AltFi logo ALTFI EUROPE SUMMIT 2015 23 Feb, 2015 London, United Kingdom
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Address RateSetter

30 Great Guildford Street
SE1 0HS London
United Kingdom

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