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Founded: 2011

Type: Equity-based crowdfunding

Equity-based crowdfunding - geography: Spain (españa)

CO. no.: Na.


La mejor forma de invertir en Startups. Permite a inversores privados la inversión en Startups desde 3.000?, seleccionando los mejores proyectos españoles que quieran realizar una ampliación de capital.


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Founders The Crowd Angel

CEO & Founder, Ramon Saltor


Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Ramon has experience in the financial sector in London. Passionate about finance and entrepreneurship, in 2011 decides to return to Barcelona to develop an idea that leads to mature for several years, The Crowd Angel ago and combine the strength and structure of financial processes applied to Corporate Banking, the dynamism of crowdfunding and emerging networks of Business Angels in Spain. Thus arises TheCrowdAngel pioneer in combining these three concepts, leading equity crowdfunding in Spain. Ramon has a degree in International Trade and Business.

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The Crowd Angel
C/ Dels Cavallers 50 Barcelona
08034 Barcelona
Spain (españa)

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