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Founded: 2015

Type: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Business Lending

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Business Lending - geography: Switzerland (confederation Of Helvetia)

CO. no.: Na.

Description is an online #Crowdlending marketplace which allows savers to lend money directly to small and medium sized businesses in #Switzerland. was set up in the Switzerland in 2015. It was launched at a time when small businesses were struggling to obtain finance from traditional channels.


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Co-founder & Partner, Thomas Giacomo

LinkedIn | Twitter (@ThomasGiacomo)

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Thomas Giacomo is a serial entrepreneur, specialized in enterprise financing. He worked for Fortis in Monaco, ADNA Partners, Axa Private Equity and Valutao. He also created two companies. At WeCan.Fund, Thomas is responsible for business development and communication.

CIO and Co-founder, Andrzej Nowak

Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Andrzej spent the last decade at CERN and at Intel, involved in multi-million industrial research projects as a manager and researcher. He was part of the CTO office of CERN openlab, a group looking for innovative technologies to satisfy CERN?s extreme computing demands, in collaboration with industrial partners: HP, Intel, Oracle, Siemens and others. At WeCan.Fund, Andrzej is responsible for innovation and international development.

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CTO and Co-Founder, Jean Respen

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Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Dr. Jean Respen is an engineer from EPFL and Doctor of HEC Geneva. He has conducted research on resource allocation optimization before creating a computer software development company. He is responsible for technology development of WeCan.Fund.

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The Geneva FinTech Lab "Fusion" opens in October with ten startups. The founders from around the world have ideas and solutions for the future of the financial center Switzerland.
The ten selected start-ups: the Chinese asset management app AceBanker, biometrics company Biowatch from Martigny, Bitcoin trading platform DXMarkets from Singapore, Pfffikon Risk Manager Edge Laboratories, the insurance platform one of Sofia, which block chain platform Fundrs from the Dutch Breda, the Big Data Manager KYC3 from Germany, the Geneva portfolio manager Investivity that invoice processing app Scanye from Warsaw and the Geneva P2P lending platform Wecan.Fund.


Av. de la Praille 50
1227 Carouge
Switzerland (confederation Of Helvetia)

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