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Founded: 2012

Type: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Consumer Lending

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Consumer Lending - geography: Slovakia (slovak Republic)

CO. no.: Na.


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?ltý melón je finan?ný portál kolektívneho po?i?iavania, ktorý spája ?udí, ktorí si potrebujú po?i?a? peniaze s tými, ktorí chcú investova?.


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Founders Zity Melon

Partner and CEO, Roman Feranec


Type: Entrepreneur

Description: Roman has extensive experience in finance and the real estate market. More than five years he worked at a major international consulting firm Accenture. He was a member of the Department of Financial Services and Insurance, where he participated in several projects for major banks in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Italy. In 2006 he started working for the company Grunt, as one of the leading companies on the Slovak real estate market, where the board member responsible for finance and internal management of the company. In 2007 he became a founding member of GRADIAL Investment Management, Inc., where he was involved in dozens of investment and financial transactions, particularly in the real estate market.

Relevant News for Zity Melon1

?ltý melón, the first p2p2 lending service in Slovakia, has successfully completed a Series A investment round and raised its capital to strengthen further development and implementation of strategic plans.

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Zlty melon

811 01 Bratislava
Slovakia (slovak Republic)